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Strategic marketing

We are a strategic marketing consultancy, helping professional service firms to engage more effectively with their clients. With nearly 20 years experience we provide strategic marketing solutions to help position your firm in your market. Our strategic approach ensures we deliver only the most appropriate solutions for your firm, providing excellent value for money and return on investment.


We get on with the job

Trust and assurance

We understand professional services. For you there are no truer words than ‘our time is our money’. While you work we enjoy nothing more than getting on with the job. Whether it’s working on a tender, developing a new website, undertaking a piece of client research or formulating your new strategy – you can trust us to get on with the job.

Providing value for money

Economy, efficiency and effectiveness

We like providing value for money. To us that means operating with economy, efficiency and effectiveness in all that we do. We always aim to maximise both the efficiency of the services we provide as well as their effectiveness. The best judge of our success on this is our clients’ verdict on our services.

Independent advice

Service with an independent mind

Objective advice

What makes us different is our independent marketing advice. We are committed to understanding our clients’ needs and placing them before marketing channel or technology choice. In addition, we have no vested interest in the tactics or solutions we recommend. That means you can trust us to deliver the insights and objective advice you need to move forward.

Always up to date

Knowledgeable resource

Like most of our professional clients we also subscribe to the desire for lifelong learning. We keep up to date within marketing, digital and bid management fields through continuing professional development and research.


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